Tony the Tiger!

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Thursday, November 18, 2010 with No comments
Grrrrrrrrrrrreat!  This one leaves me shaking my head Mr. Parker.  As a professional athlete not only were you married to one of the most beautiful women on television, but you were an important member of three NBA Championship teams at 28 years of age, not a bad resume to begin with.  As most athletes who marry young there have always been whispers of infidelity in your marriage and Eva stood by your side defending you over the course of your three year marriage but this time was different, even though not confirmed as being a physical relationship at the moment, emotional passion can be just as worse but this isn't the shocking part.  When it comes to athletes cheating I am no longer surprised after the Kobe Bryant incident years ago when a crazed fan had the experience of her life and then decided to lie about it claiming rape "typical of certain people".  The other woman in this sordid tale is what makes this so shocking and I must do it, Desperate Housewives like.

When you're on a team in any sport your teammates are your brothers and when you have games you have each others back.  Just like in any family sometimes brothers don't get along but in the case of Brent Barry, Parkers teammate for four years, the two got along great and together with their wives went out multiple times to dinner and various other functions.  The players were close and the wives were close but apparently Tony Parker and Mrs. Berry were close as well which Eva Tony's wife would later find out.  Thus far there have been no claims of a physical rendezvous between Mr. Parker and Mrs. Barry but hundreds of text messages were sent between the two just last month which Eva found out via checking his phone "smh moment".  Apparently Eva was so upset that she's now filed the necessary paperwork to divorce Tony.  Both marriages were reported to have been having problems but your brothers girlfriend/wife is off limits always.  

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the hundreds of text messages that were sent didn't say the following:

"Have a good game Tony."

"You and Eva make such a beautiful couple."

"I hope you and Brent can work things out Erin."

"Hey lets throw a surprise birthday party for Brent."

Surprise alright Brent your boy was trying to and most likely shanking your wife...."smh moment".  Tony you're an NBA player and  you're on the road at least 41 days out of the season, does the term sideline ho still mean anything to you.  Lets keep it real, the number of players who cheat versus the ones that actually get caught is staggering, one has to work really hard to get caught or someone is uncivilized and just out to get paid "Kobe's case" but why so close to home.  Why someone who was apparently so close to your wife, why fuck over a former teammate who you won two championships with?  Honestly it couldn't have been that good sir but I must say in homage to one of my idols Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports, Pussy Galore strikes again.  Hmmm lets see at least 41 freaks of all shapes, sizes, and colors versus 1 wife of a former teammate who's close to your wife, get real Tony this is an epic fail and now you've opened the door to the Tiger Woods Pandora's box.  All of the other women who thought they were the "only" one that you shanked on the side are going to come out and put your business all over the tabloids.  This is really almost too good to be true being that it's been almost a year since white america was so shocked and caught up by Tiger Woods being a great player on and off the golf course....wink  Commissioner Stern should call you and say WTF Tony I don't need this kind of spot light on my league.

Tony I get it, love, emotions, hate, and sex are all apart of life but selfishness is as well and that's what this was on your part and on Mrs. Barry part.  Physicality or not you have hurt your wife, betrayed a former teammate/brother, and embarrassed a league that doesn't need anymore negative publicity.  You naughty little French boy.  Instead of going after the Frost Flake you should have stuck with the Lucky Charms like everyone else.