The Greatest Basketball Commercials

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Saturday, December 25, 2010 with No comments
As I was watching the Miami Heat dismantle the Lakers tonight it hit me that the type of dominance that the Heat displayed was a tribute to how to play basketball the right way.  It almost seemed as if I was watching a commercial advertising the NBA at its greatest and that was when the idea popped into my head, this will be a look back on the greatest basketball commercials that I've ever seen.  I'm counting them down 10-1 and I must say that even though most of these were number 1 at some point in my life, the number 1 commercial is the most original, funny, and truest basketball commercial I've ever seen.

10.  Just saw this one for the first time today and I was like yep this is a classic.  Charles is great of course but the concept is just awesome!

9.  There can be no best basketball commercial list with the addition of the Michael Jordan, Larry Bird McDonald's commercial from the early 90's.

8.  The next chapter of the Michael Jordan, Larry Bird legacy feature Charles Barkley.

7.  MJ and Larry Legend remixed by Lebron James and Dwight Howard.

6.  Dwyane Wade's first commercial for Nike under the Jordan Brand.  This commercial displays the intensity that D-Wade plays with on the court nightly.

Ok now the debate will began and things will get very interesting with four of the next five video's at one point being my all-time favorite.  I can't wait to get the feedback on the next five.  So the time has come and you know what I need, I need an introduction to make this even better so with that being said as an intermission here's the fourth greatest center of all-time and the most dominate big man I've ever seen.

5.  Words can't even describe the greatness of this commercial.

4.  I'll let you guys guess what this one is but the smart basketball fan will have already guessed it.

3.  I can't get enough of Lil Penny!

2.  I never thought I would ever see a basketball commercial that would have topped this.  It's artistic, to the point and it leaves me speechless every time I watch it and the objective of it is crystal clear despite the absence of words, but there could only be one number 1 and I had to knock the next commercial down so as tough as it was here it is.....

1.  So here it is, my number 1 commercial!  The first time I saw it, I was working and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the story had me, the visuals had me and the outcome was the most shocking/genius thing that I've ever seen out of a basketball commercial ever, so enjoy it as I do.

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