Mid Season Report

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 with No comments
Wow, the mid season is here and this season has been full of surprises and many, many disappointments.  During the off-season the biggest story of the summer was Lebron James taking his talents to South beach, many commentators and media types immediately said that he and Dwyane Wade couldn't co-exist and questions were raised on if coach Spo would remain head coach.  The Heat are now 30-12 and have the second best record in the Eastern Conference and the fourth best record in the NBA.  With Wade and James being mentioned as possible MVP's, everyone who once doubted the Miami Heat are now quiet because their feet are stuck in their mouths which is a wonderful thing considering that Silence is indeed Golden.  

As I predicted the Celtics have the best record in the Eastern Conference and they will be a force come playoff time.  They have seemed to weather the injury bug thus far this season by getting Kevin Garnett back last night after being out for three weeks and defeating the new look Magic.  As soon as in a couple weeks, the Celtics starting five that won the NBA championship will be intact for the first time since the start of game six in last years final series.  The news of Kendrick Perkins return isn't a good thing for the league since that starting five has never lost a playoff series.  My off-season pick to win it all was the Miami Heat and of course I'm sticking with that but I also know that the Heat's championship run will have to go through Boston.

The biggest surprise of the season thus far has been the San Antonio Spurs who at this time has the leagues best record of 35-6.  During the summer of 2009 I predicted that the Spurs would make one last title run after the addition of Richard Jefferson and I was completely off my game, RJ and the Spurs fell off their game tremendously and put me to shame or I can just say my timing was off by a year lol.  With the Spurs being relevant again, it makes the road for a three-peat much more difficult for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.  The Spurs not the Thunder are the Lakers worst nightmare!

My biggest disappointment thus far are the Denver Nuggets, it was tough to choose them over the Orlando Magic who still have me scratching my head but the Nuggets handling of the Carmelo situation pushed them to the top.  Carmelo Anthony is at equal fault with the situation but the Nuggets have refused so many deals for him that it's gotten ridiculous and sham-full.  Lets keep it real, if Shaq can be traded for Caron Butler, Brian Grant, Lamar Odom and a first round draft pick, Carmelo can be traded for whatever the Nets are offering but nothing seems to please Denver and they keep asking for more, let me be clear on this, Carmelo is no longer considered a franchise player he's one dimensional and lacks leadership!  Denver stop holding teams hostage like Melo is the second coming, the heir apparent because those things he is not!

If not now, then when!  An open letter to Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, Andre Iguodala, and Carmelo Anthony.

Dear Guys,

Myself and the Balla Nation has been patiently waiting for you to take the next step in your careers.  5,6,7, and 8 years is an extremely long time to wait for you to be leaders on your teams.  Look at it like this, would you like to be champions like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell or would you rather be the likes of Vince Carter, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, supremely talented, scored many points but ringless and with only one NBA finals appearance between them.  Despite 3 MVP's between them "Iverson 1, Nash 2" their games were flawed and lacked substance.  Simply put guys, you are in danger of becoming irrelevant which is a terrible thing.  30 years from now will someone look back and say that Rudy Gay was the one of the best in his era?  At the rate it's going, no!  Guys, your time is running out and you all are still young enough to change your entire careers for the good.  Carmelo! Denver, New York, New Jersey or which ever city you decide to play in will not be any different until you decide to be a leader like Kobe, Dwyane Wade, or Kevin Garnett.  As for the other two, what you could have been is leading the league in scoring right now and making his team better night after night in Oklahoma City....just saying!  With that being said it more than just scoring points or playing within a system that makes you look good "Nash" it's about leaving your heart on the court night after night and making your teammates better.  You have time to change it, make the change happen!


Rudy Gay, cheesy video's won't get you into the All-Star game, your play on the court will!

Main Event Time!

Thus far this season there has been no standout player for MVP.  Early in the season Amare' had the inside track and lately Derrick Rose has been receiving MVP consideration, let me be clear when I say this, Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league period.  With that being said, I'm not a Lakers fan, that ship sailed a long time ago but the truth is the truth.  Along with Shaq, I think it's a shame that Mr. Bryant only has one league MVP to his name and some undeserving players have two "Nash".  Dwyane Wade is the heart and soul of the Miami Heat and I label him as the teams best player while at the same time I label Lebron as the teams best weapon.  Dwyane Wade is the franchise no doubt but Lebron James is a freak of nature but it's time, Dwyane Wade is the league MVP and so is Lebron James!  I said it, Co-MVP's and trust me I know that the vote will not break down this way but for two of the top three players in the league to come together and still equally dominate the game in the way that they do the choice is really simple.  When the final votes are calculated at the end of the season, these two will be 1 and 2 in the votes with Derrick Rose being third.