2010/11 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Finals

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Saturday, May 14, 2011 with No comments
And then there were two; The Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls are set to began their battle Sunday evening in Chicago for the right to earn a trip to the NBA Finals.  Throughout the season both teams shattered the expectations of their doubters time after time and now they face off in a match up of the last two NBA MVP's, Lebron James and Derrick Rose.  During the regular season the two teams faced off three times with the Bulls winning the series 3-0 with the margin victory of the wins being only 8 points.  The regular season series was more close than what some "experts" were making it out to be.  I'd be the first to admit that regular season success against a team doesn't equate to post season success against the same team but there are those times when it has.

Many expected the Miami Heat to be the juggernaut in the NBA this season but it was the Bulls who captured the best record in the league and produced the MVP and the NBA's Coach of the Year.  The Bulls were constructed as a finely crafted, well oiled machine with Rose being its engine, driving them as far as he can.  No one and I mean no one expected the Bulls to be the league's top team or make it this far in the playoffs but I fear the run may end sooner than some had anticipated.  As with the last series, the amount of games won't matter here because playing in one game will feel as if you'd played in two. The Bulls and the Heat are two of the best defensive teams in the league so points will be scarce and may come with a price.  Easy baskets, fast-break points will be essential and who in the league runs the fast-break better than Dwyane Wade or Lebron James?  Advantage Heat.  The Bulls out rebounded the Heat in the regular season and it could become a problem again for the Heat in the playoffs but if Miami stays in attack mode, they will shoot many more free-throws than the Bulls thus countering a possible rebounding disadvantage.  Advantage Heat.  Kyle Korver is the most consistent three point shooting threat that the Bulls have, the Heat on the other hand has James Jones, Mike Bibby, Mike Miller, and Mario Chalmers.  Advantage Heat.  The Heat will have to contend with the MVP Derrick Rose on the offensive end and perhaps on some nights Carlos Boozer, the Bulls will have to contend with Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, and on some nights Chris Bosh.  Advantage Heat. I'm sure you see the pattern here.  The Heat move on!