A Public Announcement from Balla Commish: Bandwagoners you're not wanted!

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Saturday, May 07, 2011 with 1 comment
A funny thing has happened in the NBA during the last week of the playoffs; now that the Lakers are seemingly at the end of their championship run and the Boston Celtics are in a 0-2 hole which could change for the good or bad tonight, the sexy pick for the NBA Championship now has become the Miami Heat and fans all around are touting the Heat as the next it team.  Let me get this straight, we go from the most hated team in the NBA since July 8th 2010 to every one's sexy pick now?  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I get it but this new found love is kind of sickening and insulting since I've been a Heat fan since 1995.  I caught wind of the shift earlier in the week on my facebook feed and I ignored it mainly because I took it as a joke, didn't believe what I was reading but again I'm seeing this new found love and I'm starting to shake my head.

Fans I understand, either your team has been eliminated from the playoffs at this point or are on the verge of elimination and you just want to feel good about yourselves, feel like you were right in your picks...again I get it, but your new found love for the Miami Heat is simply not wanted.  This new fake love has even gotten so strong that it was a topic at the Heat's practice on Thursday, here a quote from Lebron James on this new, fake love.

"It's just us. What we do in the locker room, what do on the road as a team are the only words we need," "We understand that, as we win games, people will try to crown us," "That's bizarre. We just have to go out there and continue to play our game."

Translation:  The fake love that we're receiving right now is weird and unwanted, all we're focused on is each other's encouragement during our championship path.  We're just trying to win, nothing more, nothing less.

May God Bless Him 
Could the Heat win the this years Championship?  The answer is yes but I've been very quiet during the playoffs for a reason.  They could lose as well and where is the fake love going to go at that point....it will go back to its original state of hate....it's a thin line folks.  There's no secret I've been making my picks round by round and posting them here and so far I'm doing quite well overall, but only two people know at this point in time who I picked to play in the NBA Finals months ago.  I'll give you a hint, both of my picks are very much alive and doing quite well.....that's all you get!  I don't make my picks to allow myself to feel as if I'm right all of the time because I'm not, I mean I have picked the wrong finals match up 3 times in the last 10 years but I do not appreciate those who change their pick week by week in order to feel right.  If you're wrong, deal with it and move on, accept it and pick better next year.  Changing your picks week by week, game by game is a sign of weakness and it shows that you just want to be liked or dare I say give yourself a false sense of confidence....can you say insecurity?  I saw one of my basketball brothers last week on facebook pick a Heat-Thunder Finals after his Orlando Magic were eliminated and today he's changed it to Heat-Mavericks.  My question would be why the change?  So the Mavs are beating the Lakers, maybe the Lakers time is over as I predicted months ago; that doesn't make the Mavs look that much stronger...if I'm not mistaken the Mavs were down late in all three of those games and the Lakers just blew it or maybe someone's lucky.

The door swung open on July 8th for any fan to join the Heat and it closed the very next day...no exceptions.  If you didn't support the Heat all year, please remain silent now.  We don't need your fake love nor do we want it, I'm sorry that you're so disappointed at your "home" team that you'd rather support my team to make yourselves feel better because you don't want to feel like losers.  Please take these words of encouragement from the Balla Commish to heart....go fuck yourselves...you'll feel much better!  Someone has to be the bad guy, it might as well be me!