2010/11 NBA Champions: The Dallas Mavericks

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Sunday, June 12, 2011 with 1 comment
There are times in life when words aren't needed whether if they are spoken or read.  At times words can and will get in the way.  In knowing that at times words aren't needed I will do my best to be as sincere as possible without spending much time with word play.  Simply put the Dallas Mavericks are the 2010/11 NBA Champions as they defeated the perceived Three Headed monsters of South Beach.  I would like to congratulate the true Dallas Mavericks fans who's fought hard side by side with their team the entire year.  Enjoy the feeling for it is one that you will never forget just as I haven't forgotten the joys of 2006.  This is your payback and you earned it.  To Mark Cuban, your silence was rewarded and now you see that you can be more effective in that silence.

To Dirk, Jason Kidd, and the rest of the Mavericks roster, it was your unyielding desire that led you to this title and I respect that 100%.  Nothing was given to you as you simply proved too strong for the Miami Heat to contend with game after game so again congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks players, the organization, and their true fans!