The New and Improved Real NBA

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 with No comments
Charles Barkley Stage 1 of the Evolution
Evolution is defined as: "a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form."  In the scientific world, "evolution" is the process by which an organism becomes more sophisticated over time and in response to its environment.  Just as natural selection drives evolution in the wild, the Evolution of the Real NBA was driven by the wants and needs of our fans.  Welcome to the new and improved Real NBA where we have evolved from a simple blog to more of an online magazine.  We want to bring you the fans as much NBA content that we can and as our fan base grows so will we.  Our regular readers will tell you that the site looks drastically different than it did only a few weeks ago as we've added a navigation bar that's home to some of the best NBA links on the net when it comes to info and history.  We've morphed from a site featuring two columns to a three column site as we've
added multiple interactive pages for all of the fans to enjoy.  With the added features and links you can now make The Real NBA your internet browsers homepage.

Tez's Corner:

His opinions are strong, his love for the Orlando Magic boundless, he is CP Tez and he has the stage all to himself on his corner.  No one is safe from Tez while on his corner, not even the franchise Dwight Howard.  CP Tez will take no prisoners with his insight and style, and he quest to see his Magic win an NBA Championship, enjoy the ride.


This section has been added to bring our readers the best news/rumors from around the NBA.  Just to be clear on this, the rumors involved will be based on trades/contracts and not so much on who happens to be dating a Kardashian at the moment.  The News/Rumors page will also be home to a live twitter feed that will feature the absolute latest breaking news; as news happens.  I will be tweeting throughout the day, everyday.  The page as a whole will be updated daily and along with the breaking news of the live twitter feed, so just to be safe you may want to check it multiple times throughout the day to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the NBA.  Underneath each picture will be a link, just click the link to have the latest news before your very eyes.

Shawn Kemp Stage 2 of the Evolution
The Closer Speaks:

Once upon a time he was a contributor hidden in the background but now he's front and center to take his rightful place at the side of the Balla Commish.  He is The Closer and he will give his unique perspective on the NBA as seen through his eyes.  Every two weeks once the season begins and occasionally in the off season The Closer will grace us with his insightful thoughts and quick wit.  He and I will often have opposing views which will bring a different but much needed appeal to The Real NBA and I'm looking forward to it.  I value his fandom more so than anyone else in my inner circle and he is a welcomed addition.

The Mobile Experience:

The Real NBA has been optimized for the best possible mobile viewing experience while on the go, but to unleash the full power of The Real NBA readers can select to view the web version of the site on the very bottom of the default mobile version.

Blake Griffin Stage 3 of The Evolution
We do this for you, the fans, and your participation will be paramount for us to continue to know what you want because as your needs and wants change we would like to change with you and continue to bring you the content that you desire on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  The Real NBA was born from the idea of two and now it's here to represent a Nation of many bright NBA voices waiting to be heard, acknowledged.  The league may at times take you for granted but here we never will.  We will continue to bring you the hard hitting articles that made us famous but now with more opinions than ever before and always remember to select read more on our homepage.