2012 NBA Playoffs: Western Conference Finals

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 with No comments
    The two best in the West, the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder are what's left of the eight teams that were fortunate enough to reach the 2012 NBA playoffs in the Western Conference.  The Spurs have had an easy path up until this point by sweeping the Jazz and the Clippers; the Thunder despite sweeping Dallas and going five games with the Lakers have had the tougher road due to the nature of their games which included comebacks and 3 game winners by Kevin Durant.  The Spurs are clearly on a mission to win what could be one final title for Tim Duncan while the Thunder are currently in their championship ascension.

Throughout the regular season the Spurs faced the Thunder 3 times while winning two of those battles.  One game was won at home while the other was won on the Thunder's home court.  Tony Parker and Russell Westbrook are playing the best basketball of the season at the point guard position and their battle will be keep when it comes to who has a slight advantage going forward, both are crafty when it comes to getting in the lane
but between the two, Westbrook is by far the more athletic.  Tim Duncan has hopped into the "way back" machine a few times during this years' playoffs but he hasn't met a defender yet the likes of Kendrick Perkins who can guard him one on one and that will allow the Thunder to stay at home on the Spurs 3 point shooters.

The Thunder battled toe to toe with the eventual NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks last season in the Western Conference Finals and lost the series in five games due to not being able to close games.  The loss was painful as there were many 4th quarter leads blown by the Thunder as the Mavericks moved on. The pain was all apart of the maturation process as they will add the Spurs to their resume of fallen former NBA Champions.  By the time it is over, the Thunder will have vanquished the NBA Franchises that has won 10 out of the last 13 NBA Championships as they make their way to their first ever NBA Finals as the OKC Thunder.