2013 NBA Playoffs: Western Conference Finals

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Sunday, May 19, 2013 with 1 comment
It's a known fact that 90% of the time teams that feature great half court sets and true big men will win the NBA.  The 2013 NBA Western Conference matchup is a throw back of sorts with the San Antonio Spurs facing the Memphis Grizzlies.  The match-up will feature two great guards in Tony Parker and Mike Conley but make no mistake about it, this battle will be won in the paint.

The Spurs dispatched the Goldenstate Warriors by using a veteran guile, consistent play that never swayed even when the Warriors pushed the Spurs to the brink.  It's that guile that has allowed the Spurs to win 3 NBA titles in the last 10 years with their core of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili.  The Memphis Grizzlies have taken those "Championship Steps" the last 3 NBA seasons rolled past the Oklahoma City Thunder who have actually suffered losses in the playoffs to the last 3 NBA Champions.

The Spurs can match the size of the Grizzlies down low but at this point in time, the Grizzlies have the more skilled big men between Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol.  The San Antonio Spurs will always have a coaching advantage as Gregg Popovich is a hardwood wizard with that being said lets not overlook the terrific coaching job that Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins has done despite having their "Franchise player" traded away earlier in the season.  It's no secret that Tony Parker isn't 100% healthy and Mike Conley will make Parker work on the defensive as it tends to be Parker's weakness from time to time.

The NBA Finals will feature new blood this year as the Memphis Grizzlies will move past the veteran Spurs in 6 games.