2013 NBA Champion: Miami Heat

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Thursday, June 20, 2013 with 1 comment
In a sense it was the near death experience that allowed the Miami Heat to storm back and win the 2013 NBA Championship.  After enduring a regular season that saw the team get off to a mortal start and then serve notice to the world with a 27 game winning streak, the Miami Heat are used to the up and down nature that is competition.  The San Antonio Spurs proved to be best opponent for the Heat, an opponent that would push the Heat to the limits mentally and physically but also an opponent that in the end pushed the Champion Heat to play at a level that was previously unknown, a show of heart that was masked by style and the revelation of one's soul in Game 6.

The NBA Champion Miami Heat not only earned their 3rd title as a franchise but they earned something so much more.  Primarily know as a finesse, perimeter orientated team, the Miami faced 3 defensive juggernauts in the Bulls, Pacers, and Spurs and were pushed harder than ever before by all 3 but yet they endured.  The Miami Heat has earned the respect of any true basketball fan who should now understand that the "old" way of doing things are over.  Small ball is here and it is here to stay, a position-less offense that is so potent that leads can evaporate just as quickly as they were built.  Despite many wanting and wishing for it to fail, the grand experiment of Pat Riley has delivered 2 championships in 3 years and 3 consecutive trips to the finals.

On this night the Miami Heat are your NBA Champions and will be for the next year but I fear that time may be running out.  The championship window is closing fast and the heirs to the throne have revealed themselves in the form of the Indiana Pacers but for now enjoy the euphoria, the press, and the validation that you've earned on this night.....you are the 2013 NBA Champion, wear it with pride.