Into the Frying Pan: Chicago Bulls

Posted by Richard Kagan on Thursday, August 14, 2014 with No comments
Wednesday the NBA announced the 2014-15 schedule and it will be a challenge for the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls open the season on the road vs. the New York Knicks in the cauldron that is Madison Square Garden.  The building is home to an imitate atmosphere as the fans are right on you, and at times it can get crazy. The Knicks, after a lackluster season will have a new look.

How fitting that Chicago opens against Phil Jackson who coached them to 6 championships? This time, he will have conjured and cajoled a roster with Derek Fisher as new head coach.  It will be like the unveiling of a new model car.  It sparkles, and the moment is exhilarating. Can the Knicks meet the moment?  If Phil Jackson is in the house, the answer is likely yes.

Then Chicago hosts the Cleveland Cavaliers on Halloween Eve, at the United Center. Again, another unveiling for the home crowd.  Let's all hope that Derrick Rose gets through the games in Spain with Team USA, and doesn't get hurt in NY.  When he steps on the United Center court it will be near bedlam.

This 'rivalry' with Cleveland will be renewed.  The Bulls have had the upper hand in the past few seasons. But now, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and possibly Kevin Love will be playing, and this isn't just a pickup game.  This game will probably have a playoff feel in just the second game of the year.  Each team will try to establish themselves as a team to beat in the Eastern Conference.  Players will probably say "it's just another game."  But not the fans.  This is "game on!"

Come dressed a spook, goblin, or evil-doer, you might have plenty of company.