It's August and Prognostications Don't Mean That Much

Posted by Richard Kagan on Thursday, August 07, 2014 with No comments
It's early August, the time of year when many people are planning vacations or are on them.  Taking it easy for  few weeks in a place where you can walk at night and dream pleasant thoughts.

In the world of the NBA, teams are tinkering with rosters.  The New York Knicks made some recent changes, getting Quincy Acy in a trade with the Sacramento Kings.  I just heard a NBA analyst handicap the Eastern Conference saying, "If Kevin Love joins Lebron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland, they'll be the team to beat."  Others say Chicago will have much better team, depending on the health of Guard Derrick Rose.

Remember, it's August.  Training camps are a few months away.  Recently Cavaliers' F Mike Miller, the tough guard who can throw daggers from three-point land, stated the following:

“LeBron makes things easy, but it’s also about what this organization is about.....Cleveland is a hard-working city, and winning a championship takes a lot of hard work. It’s a blessing and we’re excited about the opportunity.
“It’s going to be crazy this year and we understand that. ‘Championship or bust’ makes basketball not as fun as it should be, but [a championship] is our goal.”

It doesn't sound like fun to know you have to play great, without even playing together once and considering there will be a learning curve for new guys and guys in new roles.  With that being said,  Lebron's coming back.  Just as there will be one with Chicago with all the new players they will have starting this Fall.  Most of all, how will Rose hold up moving up and down the court?  Can he make the shots he's converted in the past?  According to those who have seen him play, he can.  We will know more in a few weeks when Team USA prepares to get ready to play in Spain.

Let's everyone take a deep breath, and take a nice swim in the family pool or ocean. People are forgetting about the Washington Wizards who have so much talent.  And, don't count out the Miami Heat, until the season ends or the playoffs. A team put together by Pat Riley is tough to beat.  They will get their share of wins.

Last season, everyone put down the East. This season,  it's gonna be a tougher Eastern Conference, that's for sure.