Back and Better than Ever! 7/30/10

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Monday, November 01, 2010 with No comments
Wow!  So much has happened since my time away that it's extremely hard to find a place to start.  We are still two months away from the start of training camp and I can't remember the last the time the NBA has had this much face time in the off-season "Thanks Lebron" and I for one am loving every second of it.  

Point #1

I am sick and tired of all the fans, players, and GM's speaking on how the Miami Heat are not the best team in the NBA despite the much improved roster.  I am the biggest Heat fan in the world and have been for almost 20 years and my opinion is that the two time defending champ LA Lakers are the team to be in the NBA and not the Miami Heat!  We want something that they have but they are still the champs and they deserve to be respected like so.

Point #2

All the hate on Lebron James is driving me crazy, is he the best player in the NBA today, absolutely not and was he handed two MVP titles, absolutely, but king James doesn't deserve the amount of hate that he's been getting from everyone.  I would like to take a moment to address the fake ass cleveland fans.....You guys are the reason King James left because you guys gave him fake ass support from the start, let me explain.  Cleveland is full of fake ass fans who don't hold the owners in that city accountable for the decisions that they make.  This is what the last seven years has been like in Cleveland; We love Lebron because Lebron alone is going to bring us a championship and he doesn't need help.  we are just going to sit back and watch our owner bring in cheap aging stars and terrbile role players and watch our greatest player not trust them for 82 games.  We love the fact that our owner enabled our greatest player to be a 25 year old kid versus having him creating a sense of discipline and shaping King James into the champion that he is destined to be.  In closing the fake ass cleveland fans and that soft ass organization didn't know how to handle one of the greatest weapons on the court that the NBA has even seen.  Lebron is indeed the second coming but not of Michael Jordan, King James is the second coming of Magic Johnson and just like Magic he will win multiple championships with the help of Pat Riley.  

Point #3

Joe F--king Johnson.....OMFG!  Can someone tell me whose idea it was to over pay someone about 40 million dollars over the course of a contract especially someone who will never and I repeat never lead his team to a championship.  Joe Johnson should not even be mentioned in the same category as a Kobe Bryant and a Dwyane Wade.  He is terrible in clutch situations and a complete and total waste of talent.  I'm not sure what the Hawks were thinking but I heard Josh Smith is in line for an extension that's 450 million over 25, the Hawks are a joke!

Point #4

The Orlando Magic won't win a championship until they get rid of Rashaad Lewis!