I was wrong! 6/18/10

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Monday, November 01, 2010 with No comments
Man was I wrong, it was a tied game with about six minutes left in game seven and the celtics simply ran out of gas, but the effort can't go unnoticed.  The celtics led for most of the game despite the fact that the Lakers were killing them on the boards, the celtics just couldn't capture a defensive rebound and in the end the celtics proved to be too small without Perkins and suddenly showed their age.  The last possible game of the season revealed a few truths that will not be forgotten. 

Truth # 1

Kobe Bryant took his rightful place amoung the leagues greatest players.  No one can deny his passion, talent, and his crazy drive has put him in a place where there's some Magic, a Bird, and His Airness. 

Truth # 2

Half court offense and great defence will always trump the run and gun style of play.

Truth # 3

The Lakers are a legit championship team.

Truth # 4

The current era of the big three in Boston has run its course.

Truth # 5

Kobe is still hurt and fueled by the fued with Shaq. 

Truth # 6

The most important off-season in the NBA has started.