Shock and Awe 5/12/10

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Monday, November 01, 2010 with No comments
Last night revealed the character of two basketball franchises.  You have one team that everyone wrote off during the season and then you have the other team who were annoited champions from the start of the season.  The Cavs made many moves in the offseason to combat Orlando but they never saw Boston coming and now they are paying the price.  You NEVER make off season moves to counter ONE team, you make your team better by bringing in players who fit the mold of the team.  Orlando didn't retool their tem to counter the Cavs, Boston didn't bring in Michael Finley and Nate Robinson bcause they were afraid of other foes, they did it to add pieces for the entire playoff run.  

Boston is playing with a championship swagger that was rekindled by the Miami Heat in the first round and now they smell the blood.  The Cavs were in a state of shock and awe and now this series is over and there's a dark cloud hovering over Cleveland and Lebron James.  Of the teams remaining in the playoffs, only Cleveland planned their own failure from the start by planning to battle one team and not the league as a whole.  Just as the Cavs were in a state of shock and awe last night, the city of Cleveland will also be in the same state of mind this time friday morning.