Not so fast New York! 5/13/10

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Monday, November 01, 2010 with No comments
Over the course of the last 48 hours the question has come up, where will Lebron James play in 2010/2011 season?  You're hearing it first here, it will not be in New York, New Jersey, or Cleveland; King James will play in one of two cities, Chicago or Miami and he told everyone this back in November while in Miami.  

During a post game interview Lebron said that he wasn't going to talk anymore about his playing future but he also revealed his true intensions.  During the same interview Lebron spoke of the decision he made to change his number from 23 to 6 to honor his favorite player Michael Jordan, he felt that he shouldn't wear 23 anymore out of respect for MJ.  Lebron is a really smart guy and he told us all where he was planning to play with that statement, the fact is that out of the teams that have the cap space to sign Lebron, only Chicago and Miami has the jersey number 23 retired which means if he were to play for those teams he would have to choose another number.  His excuse to change his number from 23 to 6 to honor MJ doesn't make sense because two of the greatest players in the history of the NBA have worn 6, Bill Russell won 11 NBA championships wearing the number 6 and all b ball fans know that Dr. J wore the number six.  His excuse was a front and a very smart one on his part.   

The Knicks can stop the celebration because the king will land with one of their two greatest rivals and the next ten years of the NBA will belong to the king.  Here's a tip for the Knicks, maybe if you draft better players, you will win more games. 

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