Meltdown in Miami...Not at all...all media fabricated!

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Example A of useless ESPN media hype.
As I've stated a million times in my life I have been a fan of the NBA's Miami Heat for almost 20 years and during the course of those years I have been guilty of a few things.  No human is perfect or immune from negative feelings towards their team or others but not many step up and actually converse about the things that they are guilty of.  That's what I am here to do today as well as break down many myths about the Heat that the media has built up just because they need something to talk about.  Many of you simpletons out there in the world of fake, uneducated basketball fans tend to forget that the media loves to build you up just so they can tear you down i.e. all of this mess currently going on with Charlie Sheen or the once homeless Ted Williams.  In the case of sports the authority figure of the media is ESPN which in the past I refused to watch when CNNSI was airing due to the one sided nature of their coverage.  Quite frankly if your basketball world revolves around watching no NBA games but relying on ESPN to show you fair and balanced coverage then you are being misinformed, NBATV is the far better alternative as they show all aspects of the previous nights games.  With that being said let me reveal my Miami Heat confessions and their order doesn't reflect their importance.

My Truths

During Game 3 of the 2006 NBA finals, the Heat were down 15 to the Mavericks and with around five minutes remaining and already down 2 games to 0, I grew so frustrated with my team that I left my home to shoot baskets at a local park anticipating anther loss by my beloved Heat.  The Heat actually came back to win that game and the series and despite me having all the games saved on DVD I will never go back and watch the game because I don't deserve to.

During Game 6 of the same series at a time when the Heat had a double digit lead, I actually and only for a split second wanted them to lose the series and here's why.  During the entire span of my basketball fandom up until that night no team that I followed had won an NBA title and I enjoyed the role of the scrappy underdog hoping that my teams would break through and finally win.  That night when it seemed that the Heat were cruising on their way to their first NBA Championship, I wondered what it would feel like to lose my underdog role and if I really wanted to so, right at that the threshold of the Championship I thought to myself, would it be better if we lose the series or win it...just being real right now people, no fake shit here.

I'm guilty of calling Chris Bosh Christina and feeling as if the Heat could win without him, last year when I first thought up the concept of Lebron coming to Miami I knew that the Heat could deliver three max players and I wanted the third player to be Amare' Stoudemire.  I thought it was a done deal but I had to settle for the soft as toilet tissue Chris Bosh.

I'm guilty of attending Orlando Magic games and secretly wishing that my real Heat fans could be as passionate and as rowdy as the fans that I constantly see every time I visit the Magic...remember that underdog swag, I miss that feeling and the Magic fans are why.  They're thirsty for a championship unlike the late arriving none caring Heat fans in Miami again just calling it like I see it.

I was so upset with the Heat's loss to the Bulls this past Sunday that I punched a hole in my wall and voiced my concern about our coaching, I wanted Pat Riley to come down for his throne to save us from embarrassment but that was before I calmed down.

The Media

The previous paragraphs illustrate my truths, my guilt's, so ask yourselves this question...Can you be real yourselves like I'm being real here?  From what I've seen not too many people can because they're too consumed by media created hate and they don't take the time to look for the answer themselves for example all I hear that is the Miami Heat can't beat the top five teams in the NBA and guess what that's a true statement but we are not the only one's.  The top six teams in the NBA are the Spurs, Celtics, Mavericks, Bulls, Lakers, and Heat.  Yes the league is top heavy and when the top six face off against each other their winning percentage is only more time 48% and that means that these six teams out of 64 games against each other have only won 31 of those games.  My question is why all of this talk of the Heat failings against the other teams, it looks as if these teams are beating each other equally...end of discussion.

The media fuels the hate against Heat and the simpletons eat it up.  For example here's a stat no one talks about, Cleveland  has defeated Boston, the Lakers and they've defeated Knick three!  It would be foolish of me to say this:  Hey guys since the Celtics, Lakers, and Knicks lost to Cleveland they are not going to win the NBA championship this year.  Those losses are bad but they're no indication of what's going to happen in the playoffs.  The Knicks beat the Heat after Carmelo's arrival and everyone in New York and all of the fake ass Knicks fans in Florida jizzed on themselves so my question is, should the fans in Cleveland jizz all over the face of Knicks fans since they've defeated them 3 times this season?  Lets be real people!

This week the talk is how the Heat have blown 3 double digit wins in the 3 of the last 4 games and it's the end of the world.  The truth is yes they have but it's not the end of the world.  In games that the Heat have led by ten points or more they've won 86% of those games "26-4", the Spurs have won 80% "28-7" of those games so where's the outcry on ESPN or in other media when the Spurs blow a lead of that size and lose?  Remember media builds you up to tear you down.  Also all over the news today all I heard about was Heat players crying in the locker room after said loss to the Bulls as if the Heat are soft.  The players were disappointed but humans cry when sad as well as when they're angry and I'm pretty sure there were angry tears as well.  Crying is raw good emotion that shows they care and I'd rather take that than the team laughing or high giving each other high fives after that loss.  Come on Media there's a theme real, because if the players would have shown that they didn't care you would have blasted them too, here's some advice make your fucking minds up about coverage.  Personally I don't want pro Heat coverage, fuck that cover every team equally, that's the way it's supposed to be anyway.  

Anti-Lebron/Media Hype

Throughout his entire career Lebron has been hailed by many as the best player in the league and I've never thought so I've always considered him in the top three only behind Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade and I've defended my position successfully over the last eight years and continue to do so today.  I was viewed by some as anti Lebron but I never was, I've always accepted how great he was I just think that Bryant and Wade is better...6 rings to 0...just saying.  With that being said some people generally hate Lebron James just because well he's Lebron James and it's unbelievable; the real deal is that they have also bought into the media's hype...wink wink.  Back to Sunday's loss versus the Bulls, there's a Magic fan that I know who's a friend of mine on facebook and close to the end of the game Lebron passed the ball to a WIDE OPEN Mario Chalmers who drained the three point shot and tied the game.  It was the right basketball play to make.  The Magic fan decided to post this on his facebook wall:

"did Lebron learn how to pass the ball oooooo shit they may win"

Howard about to miss another free throw
Did Lebron learn how to pass, really, really....the look is coming....are you fucking kidding me simpleton!  Lebron's always passed the ball and as small forward with no viable center this year he's averaging 7.1 assists per game.  For his career his average is 7 assists per game.  That Magic fan is too drunk on the hateraid to understand the magnitude of his wall post.  If I was a hating jerk like him, every time Dwight Howard makes a free throw I would post this:  "OMFG!  Dwight Howard actually made a fucking free throw!"  I speak facts people not hate, here's a fact, Dwight Howard's free throw average for this season is 58.8% and for his career its 59.7%, but since the subject of passes came up lets dig deeper, this season Howard is averaging 1.2 assist per game and for his career his average is 1.5 and this is coming from a guy who's still doubled team constantly on most nights....interesting but also consider this Shaquille O'Neal who Howard is always compared to has averaged over 2 assists per game in 13 of his 20 seasons.  No hate here, again just facts people.  The hate is a direct product of the media hype gone crazy, out of control.  The funny thing is that all the hate from that particular fan would have ceased if Lebron had somehow taken his talents to the Orlando Magic.  

The Decision aired by ESPN
The anti-Lebron hate continues, If I were a player in the NBA and I was to tell my team and the fans that I don't want to play for you anymore and that I want to be traded to a team with a worse record than my current team; do it in the middle of the season so I could get paid more versus just waiting until the end of the season when I'm a free agent and free to do whatever I please and hold my current team hostage, would I still be liked by the media?  Apparently the answer is yes because Carmelo Anthony just got away with it.  If Melo would have said "Hey Denver, fuck you, I'm going to make you trade me to the bright lights and big city of New York", he would still be loved because he's not Lebron.  Funny thing is, Lebron did it the right way.  He handled free agency perfectly and the same media who blasted him for The Decision is the same media who aired it and enjoyed the ratings, ran Lebron coverage for six hours straight from 6 in the evening until 12 am.  You can feel it coming right...the look...are you fucking kidding me!  

Point blank period all is fine in Miami, so the players showed emotion and cried...what did you want them to do?  The Heat players are upset and rightfully so but they will be fine and the goal remains the same.  Don't believe that the sky is falling in Miami because it's not and please if you bought into the Lebron is the greatest hype or don't like him because of the hype get real, learn to think for yourselves.  Lebron isn't even the best player on his current team but if you watch ESPN you'd think so and then you'll rejoice as they tear him down.  Listen to me basketball fans, we've seen this media hype before, supposedly Michael Jordan was the greatest man ever on and off the court but he wasn't, he's the biggest asshole ever to play in the NBA and indirectly said so in the greatest Hall of Fame speech EVER!  I love that MJ, the real MJ not the fake one the media fed me as a kid.  Kobe was the squeaky clean anti Allen Iverson that the league wanted to promote after Jordan despite Iverson having more street cred, but the real Kobe was the married Kobe who stayed at the hotels fucking hotel maids bent over chairs while the "bad" NBA players were out at strip clubs partying all night and the casual fans never knew.  Please don't buy into media hype, take the time and find the truth out for yourselves, you may be quite surprised at what you'll find.  Don't hate my team or its players because of media generated hype learn the facts first then speak your mind.