The Power of Belief!

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Friday, March 04, 2011 with No comments
Sports fans are in essence customers, we choose the team that we'd like to follow "usually a team close to home" and we show our pride by purchasing jerseys, tickets, etc.  Sports is the only segment of life where customers can be treated like shit yet return time after time after time.  Tonight there will be no stats, no one liners, tonight you are seeing raw, unhinged emotion from a real fan, a true fan.  I just witnessed  the most embarrassing regular season loss in Miami Heat history!  For almost twenty years I've followed this team, cried for this team, and reached orgasmic levels as I watched them win a championship by grinding it out over a finesse team, what I saw tonight was completely different, far worse than the playoff defeats to the Knicks in the late 90's.  On this night and for the first time in my life I am embarrassed to be a Miami Heat fan and I have that right unlike bandwagon fans or haters.

The power of belief is an amazing thing, just look at what it does in the realm of religion.  When I was a kid and would ask about Voodoo I was constantly told that it only affects you if you believe in it, that non believers aren't effected.  On this night a voodoo doll of me somewhere was stabbed through the heart.  I had to meditate for an hour just to calm down enough to be articulate here because I want this blog to remain credible, a source of knowledge for those who truly love the game, I am the Dr. Phil of the NBA.  The Orlando Magic defeated the Miami Heat tonight by powering back from a 24 point deficit because they believed they could win the game, the Heat lost the game tonight because they believed they could not lose.  The Heat I grew to love was a hard nosed, defensive unit who could grind out a win on any given night, they even struck fear into their opponents with their tough play but tonight was different, I saw a relaxed team whom believes that they can win every game without working for it, I saw a team underestimate their opponent and that is not Miami Heat basketball, not the Heat culture that attracted Chris Bosh, Lebron James and various others to the team for a shot at a championship. Tonight I didn't see a championship team, I saw a team lost, bamboozled because the bullied became the bully and punched back.  

Am I turning my back on my team....fuck no but I need everyone to know that I consider this blog a job and no one is immune from attack, not even my Miami Heat.  At this point the Heat need to forget about every game played thus far this season and focus on the remaining schedule of 21 games and create a sense of urgency about the playoffs and the number 1 seed.  Once I lay my head down tonight and hopefully be blessed by God to awake in the morning, tonight's game will be behind me but the expectations that I have for my Heat will not falter, they will only grow and grow.  I expect this team to be great and I will never give up on that because I believe that they can be great by playing the right way.  I congratulate the Orlando Magic tonight for playing with passion and for showing the Miami Heat how the game is supposed to be played the full 48 minutes.  
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