My Take: Dennis Rodman

Posted by C.L. Anthony on Sunday, August 14, 2011 with No comments
     After a much deserved rest, one thing came to my attention in this not so normal off season.  This past Friday I watched the Basketball Hall of Fame "not the NBA Hall of Fame" and realized that the prime inductee, Dennis Rodman is still a showstopper.  If you could for moment forget the make-up, the wedding dress, and the addictions, one thing that can be said about Rodman that I've rarely heard be said was that he was also addicted to winning.  Of course with some in this me first society, winning is measured by the number of dollars one earns but Rodman understood that winning came from sacrifice, from
desire and that's what fueled him to become a five time champion in the league.  

During his tenure in the NBA Rodman earned sort of a bad rap for being eccentric and often described as outrageous but why were these things pushed over the fact that he was one thing that the regulars couldn't take from him, a winner.  With that said I'm not ignoring the fact that Rodman played hard on and off the court but so many today judge players ultimately on what kind of person they were off the court.  The one's who spent their time judging Rodman for some of the adventures that he partook in off the court while was an active player should have spent their time reaching their hands out to help.  The solution was really simple for those would tried to and failed at understanding the psyche of Rodman.  All he wanted, needed was for someone to love him, put their arms around him and say that it is okay and you will be okay.

Those who really paid attention to his career could see that Rodman just wanted to be apart of the team and do whatever it took for the team to win despite his independent ways off the court, on the court Rodman was one of the best teammates a player could have, selfless, sacrificing, and caring.  One rarely enters the Basketball Hall of Fame by accident and Rodman was not the exception.  He was largely instrumental in the "Bad Boy" Pistons winning back to back titles in 89 and 90 and also with the 2nd 3-Peat of the Bulls from 96-98.  Despite the fact that he also played for the Spurs, Mavericks, and Lakers in his NBA career, his heart was always in Detroit and Chicago mainly due to his relationships with Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen.  They accepted him as one of their own, allowed him to be himself and gave the love that he so desperately craved and the results were 5 NBA Championships as he played lock down defense on anyone put in front of him and swallowed every rebound that came within his reach all the while being embraced by head coaches Chuck Daly and Phil Jackson as a son.

Overlooked, misunderstood, and unfairly labeled, Dennis Rodman has finally found a home in the Basketball Hall of Fame, the final resting place for the best basketball players in the world.  If I had to create a list of 12 players to compose a dream team if you will, Rodman would definitely make the cut on that team due to his desire, sacrifice, and selflessness.  Once the ball was tipped in the air Rodman was all business, all based on team and for that I say thank you Dennis Rodman.  What a pleasure it was to watch greatness every time I saw Rodman step on the court.  Some personalities of players across the sports world are manufactured, but Dennis Rodman was all real, all heart on and off the court.  You can call Dennis Rodman whatever you like, but don't forget to begin it by saying Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman.