The New Rose Status: Day-to-Day

Posted by Richard Kagan on Monday, November 17, 2014 with No comments
Derrick Rose tweaked the hamstring on his left leg in the Toronto Raptors game, which the Bulls won, 100-93.

He sat in the next Bulls game vs. the Pacers, which Indiana won at the United Center.  Now it's onto a seven game road trip, first stop being tonight against the LA Clippers.  It is likely Rose won't be in this game.  And subsequent games will be day-to-day.  Some commentators have said being "day to day" is Rose's status. If that is case, it will be a frustrating season.

For the time being, this is the scenario in which the Bulls must play.  The Bulls have a deeper team, with better shooters and a deeper front-court.  Pau Gasol had been terrific in his debut season with the Bulls.  He is almost averaging a double-double.  He's been rock steady and is an important player on the roster.

The Bulls will play their best.  A lot of pressure goes on Jimmy Butler who scored 32 points in the Pacers game.  You can't expect Butler to score 30 a game, but he is going to have to score points off the dribble, in order for the Bulls to be somewhat effective.

Chicago will miss Rose.  He makes them a contender.  The Question is: Will his style of play let him be on the court?