Fallout on Rose Remarks about Sitting Out Games

Posted by Richard Kagan on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 with No comments
Derrick Rose needs public relations consulting.  If the Bulls have not offered Rose any PR assistance  to help him gather his thoughts and look at "here's what I really want to say." That is curious indeed. Because the other day he talked about sitting down during a game, not to preserve himself for the playoffs, but  "I'm thinking long term, and I don't want to miss my meetings or my son's graduation" due to being sore.  Miss my meetings? Really?

If that is the case, then why come back to the Bulls?  Pro basketball, big bucks aside, is a challenging, physical game.  A player is tested on many levels, mentally, and physically.

He did his grueling rehab for a reason or reasons, some known only to him.  I don't think it meant being able to say, "my legs are sore, I'm sitting this one out."  It appears his body is strong yet fragile. Anything might happen at any time.  If Rose is healthy, chances are the Bulls will be a contender this season.  If he is not healthy, then that changes the equation substantially.